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Covering the North East, South Scotland & surrounding areas

Putting things into perspective...

Add strength and personality to your product or business by using exciting imagery and interesting angles that capture the attention and draw people in

Helipromo are fully CAA qualified drone operators

We hold the RPQ-s qualification which gives us permission for aerial work and have public and product liability insurance with Coverdrone for a sum of £5m

The Helipromo Ethos

Creating videos is our passion. We work in close collaboration with our clients to produce the perfect video which encapsulates the mood and spirit of each unique project. Whether that be excitement and effort for sporting events, precision and efficiency for businesses or beauty and scale for land owners, we carefully edit the final video with that in mind.

Helipromo Company Information

Helipromo started in 2014 when two friends, Stewart Groves and Juan Latour combined their experiences of filming, photography and event lighting with their hobby of flying drones. The exciting advances in drone technology have made it possible to create stunning yet affordable aerial video. Enrolling in training courses to become commercially qualified was the next step and this was completed with Resource Group in 2015. Now we have our Permissions for Aerial Work and Public Liability Insurance to enable us to carry out commercial drone work.

Packages and Pricing

Helipromo will try to work to your budget or give you a good idea of costs based on hourly or daily rates and the number of operators involved. Discounted packages will be discussed for multiple jobs.

We Don’t Cut Corners
Helipromo has worked with many clients from M-Sport and English Heritage to the British Tourist Board and each job has had its challenges to overcome. We are able to work beyond the normal boundaries of land based cameras but with this comes its own set of risks and legislation to consider. Safety is paramount so a pre-site survey, on-site visit and risk assessment are essential. If a drone business offers you a quote before talking thoroughly with you about what is involved you may wish to consider what corners are being cut.

Request a Call Back

Every job is bespoke and we would love to speak to you in depth about your ideas so we can do the best job possible. Please use the form below to get in touch. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively you can phone or email us.